Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Even rockstars get nervous before a show. Especially if they haven't practiced.

I hadn't even held a guitar in my hands for more than a year, much less a bass guitar. Until last night. But last night I became a cover-band bass-playing rockstar. This week the Catholic countries of the world are celebrating Semana Santa, Crucifixion Week. Here in La Ceiba, the ceibeƱos commemorate Jesus's legal entanglements by maximising 1) their skin's exposure to the sun and 2) their liver's exposure to beer (what could be more logical?). I got swept up in the religious fervor with an invitation to accompany singer/guitarist Jason, the General, on the bass at El Bar Expatriados. We played to a full house with covers of Beck, Wilco, Pixies, OutKast, Weezer, Beatles, Modest Mouse, etc. It should come as no surprise that we got the most mileage out of "Faith" by George Michael... (Faith -> Semana Santa -> Jesus...?) I made 50 bucks for two hours of rock: way more than I ever earned in 3 years with my college band, the Player Piano. Our two biggest groupies were two little Honduran girls in princess dresses and tiaras doing the chicken dance. We play again on Thursday. (I'll post pictures.)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

When it rains, it pours!

We've now been in La Ceiba for over a month, but today marks the first day we've had any rain worth mentioning. Here, you never really know your neighborhood until after you've experienced a rainstorm. When it rains, you learn what streets flood - my experience is that most do - but that is putting it simply.

There are various classifications I make for "flooding". Class I: the type of flooding that you tiptoe through, hoping the water won't reach past the soles of your shoes (usually lasts the first 5 minutes of the storm.) Class II: at this point, you can either giving up on the idea of shoes, put on flip flops, roll up your pants and hike, or find a pair of knee high galoshes. Class III: all the world is a wading pool - although not the kind you want to be swimming in. Class IV: it is now questionable whether the street is passable for cars and walkers should be prepared to battle waves. Class V+ are not uncommon, but if things get to this point I usually just stay put until things dry out (could be 10 minutes, could be a day.)

Our neighborhood floods. From our balcony, we watched the waves roll up and down the street. The rain is one reason I enjoy living on the second floor - it has a kind of Noah's ark effect, minus the crowds (only animal found on our ark today was a thumb sized gecko - very cute by the way.) No rainbows either.
Hope that isn’t a bad sign...

Also, based on today's experience, it looks as though during any given rainstorm, we will have the pleasure of an indoor waterfall cascading down our wall. Kind of pretty when wet, but looks more like urine stains once dried.

All in all it was a good day. The rain has cooled down the temperature a good 15-20 degrees, which comes as a much appreciated relief and David didn’t have to water the plants.