Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Even rockstars get nervous before a show. Especially if they haven't practiced.

I hadn't even held a guitar in my hands for more than a year, much less a bass guitar. Until last night. But last night I became a cover-band bass-playing rockstar. This week the Catholic countries of the world are celebrating Semana Santa, Crucifixion Week. Here in La Ceiba, the ceibeƱos commemorate Jesus's legal entanglements by maximising 1) their skin's exposure to the sun and 2) their liver's exposure to beer (what could be more logical?). I got swept up in the religious fervor with an invitation to accompany singer/guitarist Jason, the General, on the bass at El Bar Expatriados. We played to a full house with covers of Beck, Wilco, Pixies, OutKast, Weezer, Beatles, Modest Mouse, etc. It should come as no surprise that we got the most mileage out of "Faith" by George Michael... (Faith -> Semana Santa -> Jesus...?) I made 50 bucks for two hours of rock: way more than I ever earned in 3 years with my college band, the Player Piano. Our two biggest groupies were two little Honduran girls in princess dresses and tiaras doing the chicken dance. We play again on Thursday. (I'll post pictures.)


  1. Wow! Its so amazing to hear from you guys! I actually live to hear from you about your incredible lives. You are always in the coolest places doing the most amazing stuff! I love it. And now David is in a cover band! AMAZING!
    I would update you on my life but Im sure you dont want to hear about poopy diapers and flying kites :) Way to get into the blogging world. Wish mine was updated :) Keep up the posts and pic's because you know I live vicariously through you!

  2. David & Desi! So good to hear about your life! My life is a study in exhaustion and lesson plans mixed with screaming hormones. I am starting to long for the summer months with a deep and abiding passion. It will feel VERY satisfactory to FINALLY feel the sun on my face after a VERY long winter.
    Your band sounds absolutely great and your groupies sound darling! As soon as summer starts, I will start practicing on my Guitar Hero and imagine I am in La Ceiba where it is warm! (Not Pokaberia or Chubbuckastan.) Love to you both! -Liz

  3. You guys are brilliant! It's so wonderful to hear from you. You know Cole loved to rock out to your CD David! Keep the posts coming. I need to update ours. :) Take care and stay dry!